ETSY FEATURE FRIDAY - Words Worth Wearing

Today, we are featuring the shop, Words Worth Wearing. Laura has been such a joy to work with and most of her pendants are made with Gracie and Joy's designs, including our product mock-ups! We appreciate her continued support and her inspiration is one of our favorites.  We did a little Q & A with Laura. 

What is your shops name? And what do you sell? 

My shop's name is Words Worth Wearing and I sell pendant necklaces.

Who or what inspired you to start selling?

The what that inspired me was a lack of finished pieces on Etsy that I really liked, specifically for my daughter.  I was on the hunt for weeks for a handmade necklace to give to her as she made her First Communion this year.  Everything that I found was either too kid-ish or more geared towards an adult woman.  Somehow, I really am still unsure of how, I came across the Folk Angels circles on the Etsy shop Gracie and Joy.  My daddy always told me that if someone else can make it, so can you - and so I started researching exactly how these pendant necklaces were made.  It looked hard and at first - it was!  After months of trial and error (and glue everywhere!) I began to churn out some great pieces and my daughters and I wore them everywhere we went.  I gave many, many away and before the thank you always came, 'why don't you sell these?'.  Words Worth Wearing was created on the encouragement of others, and it is my hope to share this feeling with everyone who purchases one of these inspiring necklaces!

Also, I am hugely inspired by the sayings on every piece of Gracie and Joy artwork.  They are so inspirational, some heavenly - just what this world needs to hear and all set on exceptionally beautiful backgrounds!  Her words compel me to create and share her messages with others!

What is your favorite part of creating?

My favorite part of creating is absolutely hearing the reason for purchasing the pendant.  So many have been given as gifts and that fills my heart.  Some stories are sad and others are happy, but every gift giver simply wants to brighten the day of another - and that is awesome!

Do you sell at craft shows? If so, where? 

 I haven't yet but I do plan to soon!

Any advice for anyone wanting to start their own Etsy shop?

My husband just shared this Chinese proverb with my last night and it fits well here, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago - the second time is now".  

When it comes to starting an Etsy shop, there really is only so much planning you can do. Make sure you are skilled at crafting your product and then just take the plunge.  Adapt as you go and be ready to have some fun!

Where else can we find you? 



Thank you Laura! We wish you continued success!